We love all types of music, and are very happy to play what you ask for!


We can show many different playlists as a basic starting point, but really, the dance floor is the boss!


We have the ability to change music styles and genres in a heartbeat, and very smoothly. 


We love to interact with the crowd, and want to hear their input.  You get to dance to the music YOU want!


Our staff is always dressed neatly and appropriately for the event, whether it’s casual or formal, we will appear Professional.

DJ Perry Aabo started as a club DJ in 1986, and has been a Mobile DJ for decades, with specialties in Weddings, Karaoke Hosting, and Live Music.  He is an experienced party Emcee and Event Coordinator, and knows how to make the Event run smoothly.  
Through ongoing Training, Professional Club and Association memberships and Peer Networking, Perry keeps up with and obtains the most recent and up to date methods, music, and training, so you can be assured that your event will be handled by a Professional.

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